BNP Paribas Equities & Derivatives : Management of conflicts of interest
BNP Paribas has adopted the FBF-AFEI code of conduct on managing conflicts of interest in the field of investment research and has defined an internal code of conduct applicable to research activities within the group. Please find below both policies and information relating to potential conflicts of interest.
    List of capital stakes > 1%
 Procedures for managing conflicts of interest:

FBF code of good conduct (English, PDF 500Kb)

Code de bonne conduite FBF (French, PDF 600Kb)

BNP Paribas Procedures (English, PDF 140Kb)

Proc├ędures BNP Paribas (French, PDF 160Kb)

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    List of bond issues over the last 12 months
    Companies in which a BNP Paribas executive or employee holds an executive board mandate
    List of liquidity provision agreements signed with Euronext.
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